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Address: 625061, Tyumen, St. Proizvostvennaya, 30

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One of the largest enterprises for the production of steel products for construction. The priority for the plant is the production of metal barrier fencing bridge and road groups produced in accordance with GOST 26804-2012 RK 1278-2004. The design Department of the plant offers to Customers operational solution options barriers to optimize the projects ' costs. The company has modern production lines of the Italian brand "PM-PIEMME" for the production of straight and curved, two and trekhvolnovykh sections of beams, and U-shaped profiles. Production capacities of the plant allow to produce over 150 kilometres of barrier fencing when working in one shift per month. The total number of range sets of guardrails more than 400.The production complex of plant – plant hot dip galvanizing. For long term operation all barriers are protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing that provides effective protection for 20 years in the absence of mechanical action. In addition to galvanization, the choice of the customer, the offered coating products primer or enamel. The second priority direction of our activity is production of metal poles for lighting. In the nomenclature of manufactured supports includes power and not the power, flanged and pramocaine, solid and composite lighting poles height from 2.5 to 50 meters, and it is the AFO OGC, SFG, NFG, OMK, OCC, FROM, LPG, NPG, and others. As well as the plant produces high-mast lighting poles with mobile or fixed by the crown for various wind regions, traffic light supports are bent traffic (AADT) with various modifications.The plant also has extensive experience in the production of road signs, information signs, signs of individual design, signs. The plant is equipped with Italian equipment of the firm "LUCAS" for the production of bases with a double flange having an unbroken contour. Signs are produced using reflective films world leaders in their production. All items purchased reflective materials pass the incoming inspection method of measuring the coefficient of retroreflection the same ZRS 6060.