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Address: 197198, Sankt-Peterburg, Vvedenskaya str, 21

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Company Tensar is a world leader in the production of geosynthetics and expert in the field Armagrandi solutions and stabilization of weak bases. In 2014, the production was localized in Russia: in St. Petersburg opened a plant for the production of the geogrid, the company is a domestic manufacturer.The use of innovative technologies Tensar improves the efficiency of construction works at sites with unfavourable engineering-geological conditions. The use of the Tensar materials can improve the strength and performance characteristics of construction projects, to increase their service life and significantly reduce costs. Applications technologies Tensar:•construction and repair of asphalt covering of roads, airfields, container terminals and floors of industrial facilities experiencing high loads•hydraulic engineering, including the construction of ports and marine protection structures, dams and dam foundations, bridges, viaducts, embankments •almogrote solutions, foundations of bridges, retaining walls, temporary unloading of Armonie• railway construction, construction of embankments, design and reconstruction of the subgrade•the civil construction, laying of temporary roads, soil reinforcement for strengthening of weak bases, landscape design, reclamation of waste dumps of household and industrial waste•construction of energy, oil and gas industry: strengthening of weak bases at the device sites for drilling rigs, wind turbines, installation of storage tanks for oil and gas, pipelines and compressor stations•protection of slopes from erosion