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Eduard Vinogradov


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booth SDSВЕТ A116-1
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SDSВЕТ 5 years!

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Address: MO, Mytischi, Olympic PR-t, d. 10, of.405

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Lighting SDSВЕТ company - Russian manufacturer of energy efficient lighting products. Directory of STP SDSВЕТ includes induction and led lighting. Its portfolio includes a wide range of street lighting luminaires, including those designed for the illumination of roadways, roads and highways. So, led modular lamps of the SDSВЕТ-STREET-have LED the test protocols in GUP Avtodor. The lamps are installed on a test piece of highway M4-don, and check stand properly. Lamps of the same series are installed on the section of the route "Caspian" in Makhachkala. The use of special optics with wide KSS avoids the stroboscopic effect when the vehicle is moving, and it allows to use lamps SDSВЕТ-STREET-LED tracks.Induction lamps production SDSВЕТ is the best solution for lighting of tunnels, where the use of led lighting is still a controversial issue. The light from the induction lamp is more uniform and natural to the human eye that helps to eliminate the blinding effect when entering and leaving the tunnel. Induction lamps presented in the catalogue by a series SDSВЕТ-ITUNEL.

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Modular led lamp street purpose