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Pylon CJSC

Vladimir Shmidt
Director General
Mevludi Bliadze
Chairman of the Board of Directors
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booth PYLON CJSC A247
Halls 3 and 4

Pylon Closed Joint-Stock Company is one of leaders among bridge construction organizations of the Northwest. The company specializes in rendering services on construction, reconstruction, overhaul and restoration of bridges, embankments, overcrossings and other structures of the road and transport infrastructure. Pylon CJSC has experience in bank protection, construction of underground structures (tunnels, parkings), shopping centers premises) as well as moorings and piers in ports. The company geographic reach covers Saint Petersburg, Leningrad Region, Moscow and Krasnodar Krai. The enterprise has put more than 60 construction, overhaul and reconstruction objects into operation for a working period of 25 years. Pylon CJSC is proud of its unique works on restoration of a historic center of the Northern Capital – reconstruction, repair and restoration of embankments of Neva, Moyka and Fontanka rivers, Griboyedov Canal and other waterways, Palace Bridge and Trinity Bridge and an embankment of the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island. There are federal objects (construction of junctions with the ring highway surrounding Saint Petersburg) and objects constructed within the Private Public Partnership - sites II and III, stages of construction of Western High-Speed Diameter - among the company's projects. Pylon CJSC has experience in execution of functions of a General Contractor on transport infrastructure objects, including within Saint Petersburg preparation for holding the FIFA World Cup of 2018.
The company delivered three new objects in 2017.

Contact details

Address: 191119, Saint Petersburg, Voronezhskaya ul., 5A
Fax: (812) 325-86-37

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The company's services include:
• Construction, reconstruction and overhaul of hydraulic engineering and transport structures (bridges, overcrossings, embankments, transport junctions, tunnels, moorings, etc.);
• Restoration of cultural heritage objects (historical and cultural monuments);
• Pile works, pile foundation design;
• Design and survey works;
• Geodetic maintenance of construction works;
• Static and plate-bearing tests of soils;
• Laboratory testing of construction materials, products and designs.

Products and projects

A flying junction at the intersection of Pulkovo Highway and Dunaisky Avenue (Saint Petersburg).
Construction of a flying junction at the intersection of Pulkovo Highway and Dunaisky Avenue was performed within a scope of preparation of Saint Petersburg transport infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The operating traffic flow was allowed in April, 2017, before the scheduled time. The new object allowed to organize a traffic flow with left and right turns in all directions by ensuring easy entry and exit from the city center to the ring highway and the Western High-Speed Diameter and further to the high-speed toll road Moscow - Saint Petersburg. You may reach the new stadium located at Krestovsky Island from Pulkovo Airport in as little as half an hour thanks to construction of the new junction.

Construction of a transport and pedestrian bridge opening to Saint Petersburg Arena stadium (Saint Petersburg)
The bridge was built within a scope of preparation of Saint Petersburg transport infrastructure for the FIFA World Cup 2018. The bridge construction works were performed by Pylon CJSC about a year and half and were completed in summer of 2017 before the scheduled time.

Construction of a bridge across Malaya Neva River near Serny Island (Saint Petersburg)
The bridge construction works were initiated by the General Contractor - Pylon CJSC - in September, 2015. A fixed bridge will connect banks of Vasilyevsky Island and Petrogradsky District, unclog Tuchkov Bridge and allow for transit and interdistrict transport connections. A crossroad is being constructed within a scope of preparation for the FIFA World Cup. Completion of the construction process is scheduled for spring of 2018.