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Svetlana Kostrikova
OOO "PK Megapolis"
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OOO "PK Megapolis"
Ekaterina Fedotova
OOO "PK Megapolis"
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booth ООО "PKF Megapolis" A115
Halls 3 and 4

We present to your attention:
- speed bumps (IDN);
- the Production of led display;
- the New products developed by our company. Traffic signal lights, road reflectors series "KD-5M" material - elastic polymer; Rubber colocotroni;
- Cable channels (cable bridges);
- Products designed to protect walls and corners;
- Road lights in led-based;
- Polyurethane and metal Parking bollards, decorative bollards with the use of the logo and with the ability to connect lighting;
- Road traffic signal cones; Road led traffic lights and controllers;
- Tools fencing and more.


Pulse led sign production company "Megapolis"

New! Lantern traffic signal FS-12M

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Address: 150063, Yaroslavl region, Yaroslavl, Babich Ave., 3V, office 1

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Production company "Megapolis" was established in 2013. Since then has done a large amount of work which purpose is the development and introduction of new technologies in the field of ensuring road safety. Step by step we were confident and we continue to go to improve our skill in this area. The basis of the company "Megapolis" is the production and realization of facilities of road traffic organization. Products from rubber. Speed bumps (IDN), colocotroni/Delineator, protection of corners and walls, rubber feet–the weights. Road signs. Road signs II-IV sizes with the use of svetovozvraschayuschey film a different classification, signs of individual design, pulsed led signs. Traffic lights. Together with its partners launched production of led lights, controllers and other components. Parking. Parking bollards, barriers, automatic and manual, interlock Parking spaces, protection of corners and walls (dampers), bike racks. Temporary fence. The road signal cones, water filled barriers, roll-in section of the barrier mesh fencing, signal fencing tape and a lot more. Markup. The proposed materials for application of horizontal road marking: enamel, cold plastic, thermoplastic, glass beads. We invite you to go to the section "catalogue" on our website where you can become more familiarize with the list produced by our company products. Logistics. Careful attention is paid to logistics. The company organized a special Department that is ready to quickly and accurately produce detailed cost calculation and terms of delivery to any region of Russia and also near and far abroad. The goal of our specialists is to minimize the costs associated with transportation and shorter delivery times. News. In 2017 established the manufacture of articles of flexible polymer. The reflector (cat's eye), the product "KD-5M" is used for mounting on road metal fence barrier type. Tested, approved and recommended for use by traffic police of Moscow. Traffic signal lights of the type "FS-12M", - are used to build the road garlands that we make based on the specific needs of our customers. Products managed to prove itself exclusively with the best hand, favorable reviews and increased volume of applications our Customers are the best proof. We are confident in the high quality of our products, and therefore willing to provide samples for free. Warehouse. At the disposal of our company there are large storage areas, allowing in the shortest terms to satisfy all needs of our Customers. Government and commercial procurement. Actively and successfully participate in governmental and commercial tenders. Faithfully executed a lot of Contracts (details on our website). Event. We regularly participate in exhibitions, forums, conferences, in all regions of Russia and also in Kazakhstan and Belarus. Services. We provide services for the installation of speed bumps, road signs, Parking organization, services, road markings, and more. Glad to see you as our partners.

Products and projects

An improved reflector (reflector) road KD-5M from the industrial company "Megapolis"
A reflector road KD-5M is used for mounting on road metal fence barrier type.Made of high elastic polymer with high-intensity reflective sheeting type "B".

New! Lantern traffic signal FS-12M
Lantern traffic signal FS-12M is used for the protection of places of road works for a long period. Now we have a new mount on the lamps FS-12.Comfortable and reliable fastening in the form of a hook made of soft plastic. Resistant to negative environmental influences.