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Advanced chemistry for highways

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booth SELENA, LLC A351
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Address: 309290, Belgorod region, Shebekino, Sadovaya st., 2/2
Fax: +7 (47248) 23-463

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Science Production Company SELENA is one of the leading innovative companies in Russia. The main specialization of the company is development and integration of innovative surface-active agents (Surfactants) and chemical reagents for road construction.

The company has a modern production facility and a fully equipped chemical laboratory. The company includes a team of highly qualified chemical engineers.

Our company has concentrated more than 50-ty years of experience in the industry of surface active agents and is one of the leaders in the field of technologies to produce surfactants, raw materials for them and products based on them.

Products of SELENA LLC for road construction industry:
• Adhesion promoters for bitumen (Anti Stripping Agents) DAD: «DAD-1», «DAD-K», «DAD-KT»
• Pellets for Fiber Modified Asphalt Mixtures (SMA) «NanoBit-SD»
• Additives for warm mix asphalt (WMA) «DAD-TA»
• Emulsifiers for bitumen emulsions «EMBIT»
• Penetrative Asphalt Rejuvenation agent for seal coating «SealCoat»
• Asphalt Release Agent «AntiBIT»
• A special blend of surfactants for Cold Mix Asphalt production «AsphaCOL»
• The bitumen plasticizer for PMB production «UNIPlast»
• Mineral Powder activator(hydrophobization) «Preparation GF»
• Asphalt recycling agent for rejuvenation of reclaimed asphalt «RevoBIT»