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booth Instamak A420
Halls 3 and 4

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Address: Ringstraße 9, 23923 Selmsdorf

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Instamak - designed specifically for repairing road surfaces in all weather conditions (regardless of precipitation as rain and snow) and in temperatures from -40 to 60°. Suitable for repairing nicks, chips, deformation, fractures, cracks and subsidence in asphalt and concrete pavement to a depth of from 10 to 100 mm. all categories regardless of the load. At a deeper damage in use of the multilayer stacking the material with vibrotraining tool.Instamak - contains modified polymers and special binders, which aktiviziruyutsya by compaction and additional loads become even stronger.Instamak - has excellent resistance to stress, increased strength and durability. In the hardened state over the properties fully complies with the asphalt coating. Resistant to any weather conditions and temperature regime.Instamak - fully compatible with hot asphalt. Used the product in a frozen state can be used in secondary production. Maintains its properties for 12 months from date of manufacture and does not require special storage conditions. Storage is possible in winter conditions. Since the tightness of the packaging material can be stored for 2-3 weeks