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Address: 51/53, Gogol, st, Penza, 440052, Russia
Fax: +7 (8412) 32-21-29

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JSC "ELECTROMECHANICS" is one of the leading instrument-making enterprises of the Penza region, which for more than 20 years produces traffic controllers of different features and systems of the centralized control of traffic lights. Equipment installed in more than 50 regions in the Russian Federation and in the Republics of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.Since its development in 1999, a traffic controller (DC) "Cascade" to consumers was delivered more than 3000 devices. Their distinctive features are simplicity and ease of maintenance, simplicity to use and reliability. DC "Cascade" is designed for control of traffic lights of various degrees of complexity and guide the work of traffic lights with modern led, and tube lights in any configuration. Another direction of activity of JSC "Electromechanics" is the production of vehicular and pedestrian flat intelligent led traffic lights with diameter 200 and 300 mm.Complement the theme of road safety such controls, produced by JSC "Electromechanics", as the scoreboard outdoor pedestrian with led indicator and anti-vandal button remote control unit for the intersection, as well as remote programming and diagnostics traffic controllers (based on tablet or laptop).Thus, JSC "Electromechanics" offers complex equipment of traffic lights with high quality products and individual approach to each customer allows overpayments to choose the optimal set of features.