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booth DORBAR'ER, LTD A255
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Address: Office: Moscow, Rubtsov per., 16, bld. 1<br /> manufacture: Moscow region, Noginsk district, village Novye doma, d. 12

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Dorbar'er is a modern, independent and dynamically developing Russian company that owns and manages the production of metal structures in road construction.
The main activities of the company:
 manufacture of metal road barriers of road and bridge group with a holding capacity from 130 kJ to 600 kJ with all known beam profiles; the creation of new types of road barriers;
 production of noise-absorbing and noise-reflective panels, load-bearing structures of various forms of acoustic screens that reduce the noise level of transport streams of automobile and railway highways;
 production of retaining guard rails for bridges and overpasses, production of limiting pedestrian fences along roads;
 production of metal structures for other purposes (cable ducts, mudguards, etc.).
The facility is equipped with a large range of forging equipment for cold sheet punching with a force of up to 500T, a wide range of roll forming lines for rolling a variety of steel profiles up to 4 mm thick (basic elements, road barriers, elements of panels of acoustic screens, etc.). As a part of manufacture there are modern painting lines, gas-flame installations for processing of thick plates, all kinds of necessary auxiliary manufactures and the equipment providing reliable and uninterrupted work of a factory on release of the production
In the composition of production has a modern paint lines, gas-flame processing of plate parts, all kinds of necessary auxiliary facilities and equipment, ensuring reliable and uninterrupted operation of the plant for the production of the basic products.