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Russian-German company BauTex is one of the largest manufacturers of production for reinforcement of asphalt coverings and runways of airdromes. The factory produces geogrids made of glass, carbon, polyester and basalt fibres.
More than 16 years this products are being to exported to Eastern and Western European countries. Also our company produces fiberglass meshes with different function for building and oil and gas industry. Quality of products is tested by the laboratory of quality control, which is certified by Center of standardization, Metrology and Certification. The factory BauTex is located in Gus-Khrustalniy. Manufacturing area is 73 000m2. The quantity of employees nowadays exceeds 500 persons. The company's turnover for 2016 amounted more than 3 billions rubles. Our company constantly expands manufacture area and works on material and technical basis improvement. In 2017, the company BauTex confirmed the certification ISO 9001:2017.