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Basler Lacke AG -
Swiss-quality markings and floorings. For high performance solutions.

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Basler Lacke AG
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Контактные данные

Адрес: Basler Lacke AG, Bresteneggstrasse 17, CH-5033 Buchs
Телефон: 41 (62) 837 93 00
Факс: 41 (62) 837 93 60

Полезные ссылки

As a manufacturer and provider of road marking, flooring and sealing materials to enhance road safety and building protection, we have been attaching paramount importance to the consistently high quality of our products. We provide comprehensive system solutions for every application and cooperate closely with our customers and partners in order to generate tailor-made solutions that guarantee the reliable and efficient achievement of the results desired.

Head Office: Buchs AG, Schweiz
Established: 1933
Production volumes in tonnes 2016: > 5'000
Certified in compliance with: ISO9001:2008 / ISO14001:2004
Distribution Partner: Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands

Новинки и проекты

BASCO®plast night glow in cartridge
YOUR ADVANTAGES AT A GLANCE - resealable cartridge, therefore repeated use - long afterglow time (according to DIN 67510) - suitable for luminescent signalling in factories, underground parking, stairways, warehouses, tunnels and shopping centres - luminescent markings for more safety in the event of power outage or strong smoke development etc. - solvent free - fast curing time


BASCO®plast cold plastics