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JSC "Active Telecom" is a part of ACTIVE CIS, a Russian industrial and technical holding.
The ACTIVE CIS group of companies unifies construction, production, and engineering companies possessing unique experience in implementation of large-scale comprehensive projects in the field of automated control systems, telecommunications, and energy industry.
JSC "Active Telecom" specializes in development, management, and introduction of comprehensive infrastructure project in the field of creation of new and modernization of the existing systems intended for automated traffic control, automated traffic safety systems, and automated systems intended for preservation of highways (automobile roads) as well as their proper transportational and operational characteristics and consumer properties.
JSC "Active Telecom" employs the leading technological practices (with a particular focus on import substitution) as a part of the following solutions:
• Creation of infrastructure for "turn-key" automated systems;
• Creation of traffic control centers;
• Introduction of intelligent transport systems / automated traffic safety systems / automated systems intended for verification and recording of works performance for the purpose of maintenance of highways (automobile roads) and traffic installations.
The Company performs:
• The full range of planning, surveying, construction, installation, and start-up works within the scope of projects intended for creation of automated systems and traffic infrastructure;
• Operation and maintenance for the purpose of ensuring proper operational and technical condition of the property complex;
• Engineering tasks.